Crick Howlers and Monnow Mouths


I hope you’re all having a good summer break and that you’re gearing up to coming back on September 7th, either face-to-face or on Zoom, which will continue to be available for as long as people want it.

We are no longer restricted by the number of singers we can have, but we will continue to spread out and wear masks to sing in. You can take your mask off between songs to drink water and take in some oxygen and we can have fresh air breaks.

We will continue to have doors and windows open so it might be an idea to acquire a ‘Singing Blanket’ (- not a blanket that sings, you understand!).

MONNOW MOUTHS – 10.30-12.00am in the upstairs room at the Priory. There is a one-way system in use so please enter by the back door and leave by the front.

CRICK HOWLERS – 2.00-3.30pm in the Clarence Hall.


Term Dates