Interesting links

Finnish Lament Singing: How an ancient singing tradition helps people cope with trauma in the Modern World (Accessed 08.06.17)

Doctors Now Prescribing Music Therapy for Heart Ailments, Brain Dysfunction, Learning Disabilities, Depression, PTSD, Alzheimers, Childhood Development and More  (; accessed 07.02.2017) Not sure about the rigour of the research that went into reaching some of these conclusions.

Singing can provide some of the understanding of relationship between perceiving and doing   (Neuroscience News 31st Jan 2017)

Music Singing and Well-Being – New report by WhatWorksWellBeing (accessed Dec 2016)

Research from the Centre for Performance Science demonstrates that making music enhances health and wellbeing, offering new, accessible, and affordable alternatives to traditional public health solutions.  (accessed Dec 2016)

The Benefit of Singing on Health and Well-Being   (London Arts in Health Forum, accessed November 2016)

Music, Memory and Mechanisms in Alzheimer’s Disease  Brain, 2015 Aug; 138(8): 2122–2125. Published online 2015 Jul 16. doi:  10.1093/brain/awv148 (Accessed 31.05.17)

Music based therapy helps non verbal autistic children to utter speech for the first time. (accessed March 2016)