Building the Website

Everything I know about computers I have learned by sitting at one and trying things out; I am too old to have been introduced to them at school! – although more recently I have discovered the beauty of Googling when I have a specific issue or problem; more often than not there will be a dozen Youtube masterclasses to help me on my way! I also have a teenage daughter, which, when it comes to wanting to know operational computer shortcuts is worth the messy bedroom and the hours of being a Mum Taxi!

About 5 or 6 years ago I built a website with a colleague using Word Press and between us (but mainly me!) we worked out how to add text, photos and audio recordings. I worked out how to link pages and worked out what attributing pages meant. This all stood me in good stead for building this website.

I retained the same sort of model and had separate pages for my different singing groups, but because this one is just for my professional activity I was able to make it more streamlined. I was also in charge of the Theme which I made sleeker and more contemporary than the previous one.

The older website was built onto another organisation’s domain but I wanted to be independent of that and bought the domain name and linked it to Word Press.

I also added a page for my Arts in Health work which was not previously represented. Having this page inspired me to create the online resource which I am using for part of my Professional Practice part of my MA.