Ah Poor Bird

Algy met a Bear

All Shall be Well

Begin Begin

Blow the Wind Southerly


Don’t Put Your Muck in Our Dustbin

The Duchess

First You Make Your Fingers Click


Great Tom is Cast


Hey Mr. Miller

Hodge’s Grace

How Many Beans Make Five?

Humming Around

I Like the Flowers

I Need a Waiter

Is he an Aussie, is he Lizzie?

Jubilate Deo

Ken Dodd’s Dad’s Dog’s Dead

King John Was Not a Good Man

Lady Come Down

Late Last Night

Lazy Fred

Let us Endeavour

Little Brown Sparrow

Lollipop Man

Make New Friends

Mr Rabbit

My Dame Hath a Lame Tame Crane

Old Jim John

Playing my Harmonium



Rose Rose Rose Red

Sandy McNab  

Scalloped Potatoes

There’s a Gnome Called Fred

Thirty Purple Birds

To Stop the Train


Tue Tue

Water Water Wagtail

We Wish You All

White Swans

Whose Pigs are These

Why Shouldn’t My Goose?

Would You Like a Gin and Tonic?