Virtual Singing Projects

At regular intervals I’ll post the details of a virtual choir project to which you can contribute; there will follow a flurry of activity on your part and then some technological wizardry (- I’m getting better!) on my part and we will have a fabulous, marvellous, thoroughly amazing finished piece.

The fee for this session of £5 per person. If like me, your income has taken an almighty hit then please pay what you can afford or have it on me.

Choirantine Virtual Singing Project

5.00 £

A note about recording:

Most people are finding the simplest way is to record using the Voice Memo app on a smart device and then email it to me by clicking on ‘Share’ when you’re done. You will need 2 devices, 1 to play the guide track on and the other to record. It’s not imperative but if you can listen through headphones it stops the guide track getting re-recorded. Email to

7: October Song

6: In This Heart

5: Moon River

4: Oh Lovely Spring

3: Calon Lan

2: Sylvie

1: All Shall be Well