Virtual Singing Projects

Each fortnight I’ll post the details of a virtual choir project to which you can contribute; there will follow a flurry of activity on your part and then some technological wizardry (- I’m getting better!) on my part and we will have a fabulous, marvellous, thoroughly amazing finished piece.

There is an optional fee for this session of £5 per person. If like me, your income has taken an almighty hit then please pay what you can afford or have it on me. The next session will be the first one of May; if you feel that you would like to contribute you can pay weekly or for the whole month in advance (4 weeks).

Choirantine Virtual Singing Project


A note about recording:

Most people are finding the simplest way is to record using the Voice Memo app on a smart device and then email it to me by clicking on ‘Share’ when you’re done. You will need 2 devices, 1 to play the guide track on and the other to record. It’s not imperative but if you can listen through headphones it stops the guide track getting re-recorded. Email to

Week 6: In This Heart

Week 5: Moon River

Week 4: Oh Lovely Spring

Week 3: Calon Lan

Week 2: Sylvie

Week 1: All Shall be Well