Zoom Singalong Sessions

TUESDAYS from 10.30-11.30am and 2.00-3.00pm

The fee for this session is £7 per person; you can pay weekly or for the whole month in advance by Paypal below or in the Shop. You can also pay by BACS (please ask for details) or you can post a cheque (please ask for my address).

If you’re already in one of the Singplicity groups you will be receiving Zoom invitations by email to join. If you’re not a regular singer with us but would like to join in, please contact me.

I will make the sheet music (Dots) and sound files (Bleeps) available in advance so that you have chance to learn /revise the songs we’ll be doing.

We have now succesfully managed blended sessions with Roomers and Zoomers and the zoom option will remain available as long as people would like it. (It can also be used for anyone unable to be live at the session for whatever reason.)

Tuesday 27th July 2021

My broken foot is improving and I’m pretty mobile; the magic boot is doing its stuff!

This is our last ‘blended’ sessions (Zoomers and Roomers) before we break for August. Thank you everyone for your support throughout this year; for your willingness to embrace technology in order to join by Zoom and then for some of you to join us in real life. It’s been a testing time but what’s been lovely is the bond that exists amongst you singers; it’s been great to see how the different groups have got to know each other through Zoom and then the joy of reuniting face to face with singers we hadn’t seen for over a year. Hopefully more of you will feel safe enough to return in September and we can try to get back to (a bit more like) normal.

Click here for term dates from September.

Last week we learnt the first verse of a little French song, Les Souhaits; this week I’ll offer some hints and techniques for being able to sing the other verses when the words are not written underneath the dots, then hopefully we’ll be able to sing all the way through – it’s something that’s often an issue for us! We’ll also visit any songs you fancy from the Favourites Book.

The songs below are also worth bringing; if you haven’t already got the words or music, please click on the name of the song to access printable versions.

Looking forward to singing with you all on Tuesday for the last time before September. xx

All Shall be Well (no link)

Hey Ho, To The Greenwood

My Friend Sharon

Onawa’s Waltz

Bawu Wethu

Hamba Lulu


Longest Time


The Road

The Sing for Water Songs

If you are thinking of coming back to face-to-face singing, here is some useful info: NEWS

See you on Tuesday xx

Zoom Singalong Session