Zoom Singalong Sessions


We will now be singing on Zoom from 10.30am until 12.00.

The fee for this session is now £7 per person; the increase is due to the session now being back to 1 1/2 hours. You can pay weekly or for the whole month of October in advance (4 weeks) by Paypal below or in the Shop. You can also pay by BACS (please ask for details) or you can post a cheque (please ask for my address).

If you’re already in one of the Singplicity groups you will be receiving Zoom invitations by email to join. If you’re not a regular singer with us but would like to join in, please contact me.

We’re gradually working out what works and what doesn’t so bear with us and please keep feeding back on how the experience could be improved for you.

I will make the sheet music (Dots) and sound files (Bleeps) available in advance so that you have chance to learn /revise the songs we’ll be doing. It is becoming more possible to teach new material to a big group via Zoom but if you have done some preparation this might help.

Week 25 Tuesday 19th October

  1. A quick dance through Onawa’s Waltz
  2. A leisurely autumnal stroll through the whole of October Song; don’t forget that you will need to print off the words as well as the music (if you’re using the music) as the dots only have the 1st verse. (It’s not in the book.)
  3. We’ll have another week with Allt Vad Du Vill; it’s a Swedish 2-part song and I would encourage you all to have a go at both parts; if once we start it you feel more comfortable with a particular part then you can make that your happy place. It also presents a great opportunity for having a go at making up your own harmonies as; a) it’s that sort of song and b) no-one will hear if you muck it up!
  4. We had a go at the haunting Kyrie last week and it has probably been haunting some of you since! It’s one of those apparently simple songs which actually take a bit of getting hold of; when you have it though it won’t leave you alone – it’s one of those songs! We’ll have another go this week. I’m sorry I haven’t had chance to get it onto Dots and Bleeps yet……
  5. We sang Calon Lan last week and many of us realised that we don’t actually know it that well; some people had only done the first verse, some only knew the tune and not their part – so we will do some work on this this week.
  6. If there’s time we’ll sing through Plovi Barko.
  7. We’ll finish with The Road

Zoom Singalong Session

7.00 £