Zoom Singalong Sessions

TUESDAYS from 10.30am until 12.00.

The fee for this session is £7 per person; you can pay weekly or for the whole month in advance by Paypal below or in the Shop. You can also pay by BACS (please ask for details) or you can post a cheque (please ask for my address).

If you’re already in one of the Singplicity groups you will be receiving Zoom invitations by email to join. If you’re not a regular singer with us but would like to join in, please contact me.

I will make the sheet music (Dots) and sound files (Bleeps) available in advance so that you have chance to learn /revise the songs we’ll be doing. It is possible to teach new material to a big group via Zoom but if you have done some preparation this might help.

Here’s hoping that before long we’ll be able to meet in person and be in the same room to sing. Meanwhile, hang on in there and carry on Zooming! If you’ve been thinking of giving it a go and didn’t get around to it last year, please feel encouraged to come and join us; no, it’s not the same as singing all together but it is surprising how we have got used to it and the social side makes up for the temporary awkwardness! If you need help with the technical side, please get in touch as we have several willing mentors to talk you through.

Week 44 Tuesday 11th April 2021

Welcome back! Well that’s enough chocolate for a while….!

All change this week:

We’ll start with a new round – still to be decided….

Then we have 2 delicious short South African songs, both of which we’ve done before but a while ago, possibly a very long while ago for one of them!

First up is Bawo Wethu, which is the first line of the Lord’s Prayer from the Missa Zimbabwe; don’t worry if you’re not religious (I’m not) – treat it as an exercise in ethnomusicology – and it’s lovely to sing!

Then we’re going to have a look at Hamba Lulu, which we did years ago in a different arrangement – this one is much simpler. This is a song for comforting a new bride – because all new brides apparently need comforting…..!

Then we’re going to revisit Helen Seys Llewellyn’s lovely song, Take Me Over, which rather than being about alien abduction is about crossing a body of water; I know there is a particular story and Helen can remind us of it on Tuesday.

Have your Singplicity Favourites book handy in case we have time for requests at the end. (Apologies if you don’t have a book – they are all on the website so if you have 2nd device handy you’ll be able to access them there.)

Since I saw you last …….

We’ve had visitors! – as I’m sure many of you have too. Easter was lovely, wasn’t it? We had lunch in the garden and it felt like a summer’s day.

We have 2 veggie beds ready for planting, (if only we could stop having frosts) with more on the way. And paths – lots of woodchip paths….

See you on Tuesday! xx

Zoom Singalong Session