Zoom Singalong Sessions

If you’re already in one of the Singplicity groups you will be receiving Zoom invitations by email to join this singing session which happens at 2.00pm on a Tuesday. If you’re not a regular singer with us but would like to join in, please contact me.

We’re gradually working out what works and what doesn’t so bear with us and please keep feeding back on how the experience could be improved for you.

I will try to make the sheet music (Dots) and sound files (Bleeps) available in advance so that you have chance to learn /revise the songs we’ll be doing. It is becoming more possible to teach new material to a big group via Zoom but if you have done some preparation this might help.

Week 8, Tuesday 26th May & Thursday 28th May

We will be singing: Hey Ho, To The Greenwood; Joy of my Heart; Bridge Over Troubled Water*; Wake Up*; Mni Wiconi;* Nkosi Sikeleli; Goodbye Song

We’ve been singing ‘Hey Ho’ for a few weeks now, so this will just be a warm-up reminder. I will re-teach ‘Joy of my Heart’ for anyone who is unfamiliar with it or might have forgotten it.

*These are 3 of the lovely Sing For Water Songs that we were really getting to grips with. Let’s see how much we can remember! Don’t worry if it’s all gone as I’ll be teaching them again if necessary. (In Mni Wiconi, the recording is slightly different to what we learnt when you get to the end of the ‘Mitakuye Oyasin’ sections – don’t panic, all will be sorted in the Zoom session!)

Nkosi Sikeleli will be a sing through after a quick reminder. If you’re not familiar with it, you can have a sneaky peak before the session or just enjoy being sung to!

There is an optional fee for this session of £5 per person. If like me, your income has taken an almighty hit then please pay what you can afford or have it on me. If you feel that you would like to contribute you can pay weekly or for the whole month of May in advance (4 weeks).

Zoom Singalong Session