Monnow Mouths

Monnow Mouths

We are the delightfully alliterative Monnow Mouths who meet on a Tuesday morning in the Priory in Monmouth from 10.30am – 12.00pm. Our sessions are followed by coffee and cake in a local cafe – desirable but not compulsory! The group is informal and welcoming with a real mix of ages, backgrounds and singing experience.

We sing an eclectic mix of songs; folk, pop, traditional and original songs– and in many languages.  Our repertoire includes songs in Welsh, Croatian, various African languages, French, Spanish, Swedish, Georgian and Latin – and English. It sounds harder than it is! Songs are taught by ear so you don’t need to read music, but it is available for those who want it.

There are no auditions.


We are no longer restricted by the number of singers we can have, but we will continue to spread out and wear masks to sing in. You can take your mask off between songs to drink water and take in some oxygen and we can have fresh air breaks. We will continue to have doors and windows open so it might be an idea to acquire a ‘Singing Blanket’ (- not a blanket that sings, you understand!).