Taster (First Visit) – £5

There are now 3 payment methods:

1. Standing Order: this will be for £23 a month for 12 months of the year (but can be cancelled at any time with no notice). This works out at £6.57 a session. Please ask for bank details if you want to pay via this method.

2. Half-termly payments: this works out at £7 per session, payable as one payment at the beginning of the half term. (*If the half term is 7 weeks, the fee will be £49 – even if you know you won’t be at one of more sessions or if you are away for the first week.) I can now take card payments for this option.

3. Drop-in rate – £8 per session

If you are struggling with payments, please talk to me. I have adjusted fees in specific cases in the past and I am always willing to do so if it means you can continue to come singing.