Choirantine Virtual Choir

We are tentatively putting a toe into the world of real-life singing by reintroducing face-to-face groups with a maximum of 15 people (including me). However I acknowledge that not everyone is comfortable about returning to live singing just yet; maybe you’re waiting for your 2nd vaccination or maybe you just want to see from a distance how it goes for a little while. This is all fine – for whatever reason, and this is why I will carry on providing a Zoom session for both the Crick Howlers and the Monnow Mouths from the live session.

The Monnow Mouths will be singing on a Tuesday from 10.30-11.30am. Zoom Link: (valid for 6 sessions)

The Crick Howlers will be singing on a Tuesday from 2.00-3.00pm. Zoom Link: (valid for 6 sessions)

If you want to join by Zoom you can go to whichever time suits you best, it doesn’t matter if that is not your usual group; we will be doing the same songs in both sessions.

The link below will give you details of which songs we will be singing so check it weekly.

Zoom Singalong Sessions

Virtual Singing Projects

It’s a steep learning curve for many of us, but if not now, when?!

Stay safe everyone and keep singing!