Rounds and More: CD and Songbook

I’ve just uploaded the first batch of Rounds recordings and I think it’s going to work! Any Rounds CD I’ve heard before has had each part sung by an individual and I’m taking a bit of a gamble by using whole choirs to demonstrate them; but the particpants of the MindMusic and Singing for the Brain (SftB) sessions will be used to singing them in big groups and I think it will be satisfying for them to hear the songs as they normally perform them. The recordings are informal and there is often laughter or giggles at the end of the song, but I think that’s good – it makes them more like the weekly groups, more human and less ‘produced’. It is also by far the easiest and cheapest way for me to record a whole load of songs. I did think about getting the weekly groups to record them but there were several reasons not to: It might put the participants under too much pressure, especially as I need to record so many and in quite a short space of time. As lovely as the sessions are, quality of performance is not an aim – sometimes it is a happy side effect of practice, but often people get a bit lost in the middle and I don’t want to have to keep trying to get it ‘right’. I want my community singing groups to know the rounds so that we can have a Great Big Sing A-Round with all the groups together, where the CD and Songbook can be launched. It will be good for all involved, but especially for the service users who will suddenly be surrounded by masses of confident singers with whom they can combine their voices to make a terrific sound. So each of my 3 community groups have recorded 2 songs each – 44 to go!! I may have to record 3 or 4 a session from now on, otherwise we’ll still be recording them at Christmas!

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