Cake and Chorus 2

I enquired about a venue in Abergavenny today – it’s the smaller studio in the Dance Blast building, which I thought would be more cosy and welcoming than a church hall. It is free on a Weds afternoon, which would have been my ideal time, but there re a couple of points against it:

There is a Tea Dance going on next door which is a negative for 3 reasons:

  1. Parking will be tricky
  2. They will want to use the kitchen at around the same time as us
  3. Many of the people who attend the Tea Dance might be interested in also attending Cake and Chorus.

The other point against it is the price, which is £15 an hour. For 2 hours we would have to pay £30 which is much more than I want to pay. I know Sally who runs Dance Blast and I might be able to negotiate the price down to £20 for the 2 hours and I would consider it if I could.

Other times that I might be able to run the group are Thursday mornings or Friday mornings so I can present these to Sally with an offer of £20.

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